The Next Chapter

What a crazy 3 weeks.

Work. Life. Love. All of the feels, ALL the time. On 10.19.19 I said Yes to the Man who I never knew I’d ever need this badly. It was a gradual shift, but one of the most powerful tides I've ever felt in my life.

My need for independence was balanced by my need for partnership and shared experiences. I craved to build a life with someone, who would be with me through all the ups and downs, and who would hold onto this roller coaster for dear life. It was simple, and I was the most surprised I've ever been in my life.

It was a Saturday morning like no other. 8:30 AM he got up to take out Cooper like he does every morning, I laid in bed trying to catch a few more z's while not trying to think about my to do list... work. laundry. dishes. ADULTING.

Cooper came bounding in like he does every time, he sprints in and jump up on to the bed. Toy fish (or pumpkin) in mouth. Wagging his tail fiercely.

Matt came in behind him, just as he tried to jump off the bed. Matt grabbed him so suddenly, and placed him back on the bed, commanding him to stay. Thinking this was odd... I started petting him and smothering him in kisses like I always do.

Until I started scratching his neck and felt something like a knot on the back, ultra confused, I spun the knot around and realized it was a black ribbon. A ribbon, with a ring attached.

In TOTAL shock, and with a serious case of bed head, bad breath, and crusty eyes... I looked up at Matt, and repeatedly asked him if this was real life--if this was really happening right now. He assured me it was, and while kneeling on the edge of the bed-- he asked me if I would marry him.

The rest is history.

I am so in love with this man--His love, compassion and kindness for others, offers me a daily reminder of what’s truly important in life.

He understands me, my nuances, my stubborn demeanor, and all of the things that are truly important to me. It's taken three weeks for this to finally sink in, and I won't let another day go by without enjoying it.

Matthew Noel,

I promise to fully live and enjoy each and every day we have together. Always being present, always putting each other and our families first. Life is a ride, and I can’t ever hardly believe half of the stuff I come home and tell you. Sky is the limit babe, and this rocket 🚀 is T minus 10 to absolute fricken take off. Thank you for being, exceedingly & abundantly more than I could have ever imagined ❤️ Love ya, Cal

(PS: it’s moissanite and recycled gold 💍 yay mother 🌎) 📸: Jenna Fuhrman ❤️

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