Your Own Super Computer 🧠

What if...

We started treating our Bodies like the super computers they are?

They have the capability to heal, to reset, to cure, and to help us advance into new levels of physical and mental clarity.

What do they need? Nutrients.. plain and simple.

They crave plant proteins and organic foods. They crave wholesome, pure, not chemically processed. They crave vibrant and bold, raw and sautéed. They crave less alcohol and caffeine (working on it).

They crave simplicity, convenience, and mindfulness.

Our bodies need us to do better. And it starts with choosing differently. Meal by meal, by meal.

We're on this same journey, and if we don't work together now-- we'll forever be drowning in sickness and medical debt.

I'm not ok with that---are you?


This is an agenda that really needs to be pushed. While mainstream media pushes policy and change at the top level (mostly good things), I believe that all of us at the bottom need to do our parts too.

We need to speak up, treat each other better, promote more healthy options and lifestyles for our children, our friends, and our loved ones.

We need to be of service to others by sharing all we know about preventative health and healthy living. Because sometimes its not so obvious!

But before you can be of service to others, you need to be of service to yourself.

You are nothing without your body and you are lost without your mindset.

All the most positive and life changing things that happen to you throughout your life, all start with YOU.

My advice-- get your health right, and your mind will follow. If we all worked together towards preventing disease, we would be healthier, happier, and richer.

Start thinking about what you're putting in your body. Is it processed? Was it made by someone else? Does it's color resemble any form of beige? 🍞 🥖 🍝 Start choosing better. choose vibrancy. 🍅 🌽 🍇

If you're looking for options, message me. I got you boo 🌎✌️♥️

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