Are you enjoying this moment?

How short and sweet life is.

Are you enjoying this moment? Or are you...

Regretting decisions you made today.

Feeling jealous or envious of someone else.

Missing the point...

Or missing opportunities.

All because we choose to listen to that little voice in our head that tries to tell us we’re not good enough. We’re not able to, or we’re not meant to do XYZ.

If you’re thinking or feeling those things—I feel you boo. Been there, done that, over it.

Enjoy what’s in front of you, and all around you. You know exactly what you have.

And every day that goes by, you get the chance to work towards what you want, and your purpose in life.

So keep your eyes on your own life. Be grateful for all you have. Send joy and love to others—and remember to serve the world above all else ✌️❤️🌎


#consciousliving #consciousawakening #servitude #comparison #envy #purpose

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