What it's REALLY like working at a Start-up

Well... this is where the magic happens ✌️

My FIRST OFFICE... with a view 😉

Wanna know what it’s reallllly like working at a start-up? Keep reading👉

I’ve had the privilege to help create Evergreen from the ground up 🌲

When the building was nothing but an empty warehouse and run down office space. When our idea for a business was really just an idea with someone else’s money behind it. We’ve come so far in 9 months, it’s all totally surreal, but I’m here to share a bit of what I've learned so far.

Start-up life is not glamorous. It’s not selfies in meetings or of your new MacBook. It’s not organized, optimized, or flashy. Quite the opposite actually. It's messy, chaotic, and full of distractions.

I've learned that It's so important to check in every day with your founding vision for the company. Remembering your values. Tapping into the energy of the company. And remembering your strategy... and strategy is knowing what you DON'T want to do. Because sometimes new things give you the feeling that you want to do it all, when that's actually the quickest way to failure.

Working for a start-up you realize how important it is to be organized and relentlessly selfish with your time. You need to be able to mentally give the company the energy it deserves to grown and flourish.

It's showing up for the people that are counting on you. The paychecks people are waiting for, and the investment capital you were so graciously given.

Start-up life absolutely comes with a time commitment. It's giving up every free moment for the sake of a dream. Giving up your nights and weekends, doing the things that are well below and above your ‘pay grade’... and never being too good to clean the toilets.

It’s living in a constant state of unknown, with only a dream and a few dollars left in the bank....net 30 payment terms can feel like years until you see your first revenue dollars...

A lot of what you do in the beginning, you WON'T get paid for until later.

Often times you have NO idea what you're doing. It’s faking it until you make it (I’m 100% convinced that absolutely no one in this world knows what they are doing, we’re all just pretending in one way or another...) and trusting your gut. Your intuition will never, ever lead you astray.

It’s being resourceful, and independently problem solving, knowing that if you don’t do that one really important thing—no one else will. Personal Ownership and Responsibility are the most crucial traits you need to have in this position.

It’s stepping outside of your comfort zone and asking for help. It’s trusting the process. ENJOYING the process, taking life one day at a time.

It’s creating processes, systems, and everything that makes a company function well, from scratch. Blank slates people (forget everything you’ve ever known about organization and working in a ‘department’).

It’s wearing many hats...

A few of mine are 👉

Interior Designer. Accountant Corporate Social Responsibility Social Media Marketing Manager Website designer Business Development Project Manager Operations Supervisor Production line worker Janitor HR Buyer Lab Tech Warehouse Supervisor Painter Admin Assistant Therapist Cheerleader Lead Optimist...

We’re in month 9 of business and while our work life has never been more full of opportunity and now-organized chaos,...It’s time to buckle down and convert those opportunities to $$$.

We're hiring more visionaries and showing people what you can truly create from nothing.

My goal is to build a team of employees who will carry the Vision of Evergreen, and who will bring Green Manufacturing to the next level. Leaving my own little mark on the world along the way ✌️❤️🌎

I hope this inspires you to just go for it. Start-ups are scary and messy, but they will be the best thing you will ever do.

When you get the opportunity to join something like this, I strongly encourage you to dive in and ride the current out.


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