A Valentine's Day Reminder

Because maybe this Valentine’s Day you don’t need anyone else to feel complete. You were born complete. You are now complete. & you will forever be complete. Complete with the journey you set out to complete that is YOURS and YOURS alone. So why are you watching everyone else? Not everything shiny is real.... Ever notice how no one that’s doing better than you, would EVER dis you for where you’re at. While people struggling beneath you are so quick to throw shade. So stop envying and start living. Run at your own pace. Yours is the only journey that matters.

Here for you if you need a pick-me-up :) Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️🍷

#valentinesday #selflove #youarecomplete #personaldevelopment #spreadthelove #runatyourownpace #liveyourlife #startyourlife

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