So tell me, is it enough?

Tell me, is it enough?

…To simply just be.

Instead of chasing around 100 different stories… that were never meant for you.

Is it enough, to embrace your introvert qualities and take the time to focus on how you feel when you truly allow yourself some space?

Is it enough, to see your dreams, envision your best life, and to accept that maybe that life isn’t yours this time around?

Is it enough, to just allow yourself simple pleasures in life, instead of guilting yourself out of having them?

Is it enough, to simply share your love and compassion with those around you, and not have to start some world changing non-profit?

Is it enough, to enjoy everything that you have in this moment, rather than constantly looking towards the next best thing?

Oh to be blessed with opportunities!

I see endless possibility, with no shortage of work ethic or energy to achieve them.

The problem: I'm feeling a serious case of misalignment.

I find myself doubting my intentions. Doubting my actions. Asking myself. . .

Is this right long term? Is this right for now? Is this not right at all?

Can you relate?

Why do we feel this way, is it lack of self-belief? Even with all of the personal development books, courses, and coaches I've invested in, do I REALLY doubt my capabilities?

No, I don't. I'm no expert but I am pretty damn good at just putting my head down and figuring it out. I don't think I've had any other choice.

But this sense of burn out. This sense of exhaustion. It's not physical. It's soul-deep. Its exhaustion and its confusion, manifesting in my just freezing up.

I check out from my friends, I check out from social media, I check out from my responsibilities to others, and I check out from my self care.

So here I am at 27 years old, asking myself- why I just can't get out of bed in the morning. Why does it feel that I am not fulfilling my purpose in this life time.

The truth? Lately, I've been getting the feeling that some things, just aren't meant to be mine. Some goals just aren't meant for me to achieve. At least not this time around.

And trust me when I say this is a tough pill to swallow. The ego controls our desires, but I also believe that our ego controls our happiness.

I for one no longer will allow myself to carry the weight, feel the pressure, or reach for a goal... that just isn't meant for me. Are you with me?

Repeat after me:

I refuse to let my ego drive my life.

I'm done speeding 100 miles down the freeway, missing everything---especially the point.

I vow to tap intuition, those gut feelings, and lead my life from the center, and not from the exterior edges.

I will no longer live my life by a script that was not written for me.

I will always argue for the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth. It’s been my mission for the past 3 years now. However, I’m also coming to point in my journey where not everything is there for me to overcome or accomplish. Some of it is just, there.

Learning what’s for me, and what’s not. Sharing my journey along the way.

If this inspires you, message me. I’d love to connect!

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