Don't stop me now, I'm having a good time.

“First and foremost, the path of liberation is about being 100% accountable for who and what you are.” Rev. angel Kyodo williams Slowly but surely getting back my story. Not yours-- mine. What a year...

Oh what a sweet freedom it is, to be able to live with confidence in nothing but yourself and your love for life.

& what a crazy experience, one that I intend to fully embrace with all my being.

As another year rolls around, I reflect back on my last year (with the help of my camera roll), and stop to think about how incredible the year truly was because let's be real, it never feels like it in the midst of it.

In 2018 I....

Realized my true friends.

Drove myself around Iceland.

Drank americano's in Paris.

Rode the Chunnel.

Dipped my toes in a few oceans.

Hiked in the desert.

Shared my truths.

Made my Family a priority.

Took on some debt to follow my heart.

Became a registered Yoga instructor.

Learned to ski on a MOUNTAIN!

Started a company.

Realized my dream job.

Fell deeper in love.

Found sustainable nutrition.

Made some pretty big mistakes.

Wasted money.

Got some tattoos.

Became physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier than I ever have been.

Stopped guilting myself.

Started setting big goals.

And I found a few more pieces of myself.

27 feels pretty good, and love and passion are the driving reasons. Because you can make more money than you ever have, have more followers, be busier, have more status and accomplishments--but none of that means anything if you aren't madly in love with your every day life.

& How do you fall in love with life?

YOU MAKE THE CHOICE. To live. Take chances. Try new things. Talk to new people. Take a trip. Eat new foods. & PLAY.

It's all in the simple things. You take a walk instead of binging Netflix. Stop on the street to talk to a stranger, instead walking around blindly scrolling social media. Look around at all that you already have, instead of grasping for things you don't.

Most importantly, learn to always be prepared for a miracle. ALWAYS. Because how will something amazing ever happen to you if you aren't ready to receive it?

Most importantly--- I challenge you to do, act, and choose everything in your life based off of what you feel guided to. Because your intuition gets you to where you need to be, but YOU GET TO CHOOSE the outcome.

It's really that simple. All the joy that is waiting for you in life is a CHOICE. a choice to not ever worry about what people think. A choice to never regret what made you happy. A choice to BE exactly who you were meant to be. It's your God given right and you've waited LIFETIMES for this.

So go on, change things up. Stop taking life so seriously. & never, ever EVER forget that you get to choose.

I know you can do it.

I'm always here for you,

XOXO Callie

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