So Here's The Deal

So here’s the deal…. I’ve been extremely busy lately. I’ve made commitments to my beautiful network, Upped my side hustle, made new circles of friends, and I’ve Taken on HUGE new tasks at work over the past 5 months (I work at a start-up manufacturing company too, if there is any indicator there on work load…) Truth is, the last few months I’ve felt so extremely overwhelmed. I started to lose my focus

and momentum. I wasn’t being proactive, I was reacting. I still took action, and got things done, but I found that nothing I CARED ABOUT was happening. I stopped eating well, and drinking more. I stopped doing yoga and my morning affirmations, and I started hitting snooze 4-5 times OR MORE a morning (I’m talking like, sleep in for an hour and a half over my original wake time…), and has started to change. I don’t feel ‘in sync’ I feel rushed and stressed out. Ive been known to sacrifice my health, SPIRITUAL, and EMOTIONAL wellbeing to cater to the masculine, push—force—and drive in me. Can you relate? But it's not sustainable. It’s not what the world needs of me. I need to show up whole, not cut into quarters... But this past weekend something changed. I had fun. I partied with some of my most profound soul friends.. and the coolest thing was... I didn’t have to drink a lot. I got to dance... to flow.... to just be. These pictures... and these lights represent all that flow and joy. I’m so excited for the women in my life and all that is to come!! You were there and you know who you are! So friends here's the deal....

1. Overwhelm and ‘force’ aren’t cool. Taking on more than you can handle doesn’t make you good at your job or a ‘hustler’ it just makes you stretched and unclear.

2. Find the people that just GET you. That don’t require explaining to.. that get you right where you are at, that loft you up and help you find CLARITY. They make you whole, and you them.

Sharing my hard earned wisdom with you one day at a time. We're all just doing the best that we can and learning to support each other along the way.

XOXO Callie

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