What's Meant For Now

Felt called to share this publically.

You ALWAYS have the choice to reset. To realign. To scale back and to be REALISTIC. Because I can’t take on everything. It’s all about focus and even treading.

For more message me about my group Soul/Full Health, living/eating/leading in purpose and alignment. Our first event is 10/21 at Creators Space in Lowertown St. Paul!

🍁 🍁🍁

The Seasons are changing quickly.

Have you stepped outside to notice it yet? I almost always miss Fall. Not this year 🍁 (picture taken today 😍)

Remember, stillness and deep breathing are usually the best medicines for stress, anxiety and those darker & colder days....

Took some PTO today to help me reset and plan out my goals for the end of the year. The masculine in me kept saying that I didn't need a break... there was work to be done... but my intuition is telling me it's necessary.

For the sake of transparency... I'm going to share some downloads and goals I've had today:

GOAL #1 GETTING MY HEALTH BACK ON TRACK... sticking to my workout/yoga/meditation plans AND RECOMMITTING to my nutrition and Isagenix

GOAL #2 FINDING STILLNESS...taking a few moments each day to realize how good this all is

GOAL #3 GETTING CRYSTAL CLEAR ON MY PRIORITIES....I have so many ideas and know so many amazing people... that I just want to get in on everything. All the business endeavors, all of the creative endeavors, all the spiritual endeavors... but what I really need to do is practice Limiting my limitless mind...

Tuning into timing and what's meant for right now... and what's not. Scaling back my focuses to things that promote growth, not chaos.

I want all of this for YOU too. I'm giving you permission to set goals and dream again. Nothing is impossible and usually it all starts with taking one small step forward.

Always here if you need to talk.

XOXO Callie

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