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Why not you? Why can’t you be the one who says what’s on her mind. Acts with intention and grace, chooses her story and refuses to let herself be defined by ego or ‘social Norm’s’ Why can’t you be the one who loves without doubt or regret. The one who Lives with a passion and fury that people can’t forget, and can’t live without. What if this all came down to a choice. The choice to dream. The choice to envision a life free of constraints, dogma, worry, or fear of the unknown. You are limitless. I repeat... You. are. LIMITLESS. You just have to go first. You just have to seize that crippling fear and start to run. Start to smile and live and LOVE and FUCKING MATTER. It’s in only in our daydreams that we allow ourselves see this alternate version of ourselves. This fictional character. Always feeling as if that person is out of our reach. Thinking that it’s not realistic. It’s ‘just not for us this time around.’ I call bullshit. You are deserving of EVERY OUNCE of that person you envision. In fact, you incarnated onto this very Earth to become that person. The only thing stopping you, is you. We often fail to understand that we have to be the ones to go first. To blaze the trail. We have put aside our excuses. We have to see our situations and cards in life as ADVANTAGES. No one has lived your life. No one has YOUR story. You bring such a unique perspective and energy to this world, you’re doing us all a disservice by not sharing that. So wherever you are in life, where you are starting... I give you permission to DREAM. To grab onto that imagined version of yourself—your life—-your goals... and just start running. Run towards it. Share your story. Share your light. Start BEING the person you want to become. It’s so easy. The hard part is, You. #insertdreamhere Message me for more. Let’s dream together ❤️✌️🌎 #callaboration #mnyogi #sustainablehealth #simplenutrition #highperformanceliving #radicalresponsibility #isalife #plantbasedliving #cleanseforlife #healthforthelonghaul #financiallyfree #manifestchange #highachievers #startyourlife #findyourtribe #residualincome #createyourlegacy #eattofeelgood #soulfull #freedomliving

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