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I was posing in this picture, but that smile and those eyes... they were real. I went to Paris this spring with a great friend. We stayed in a super luxe Airbnb, in the heart of residential Paris 🇫🇷 We would wake in the morning, open the window and drink espresso ☕️ I could live that life everyday, and someday...I will. This photo, and that moment in the window, I was thinking about how much I was loving every second of my life. It occurred to me then, as it had many times before, that I got to choose. I got to choose my outcome. I got to choose my experiences. I got to choose my passions. I got to choose my job. I choose my friends and my partner. I have the power and choice in my hands, when so many others do not. And for that I feel like I have to use my privilege for good. I truly believe this lifetime I am here to create. I am here to lift others up, build sustainable enterprises, create dream jobs, inspire innovation, and to truly teach and live in a state of absolutely equality. It’s a big vision, but I’ve got a lot of help. My spirit guides, my friends my family, the & beautiful community That has my back. I am forever grateful for you and I say this now to those of you looking to live a life like I’ve described... come find me. I want this for you to, and there is a way. You can have your health, money, experiences, and JOY. There’s no lack, only infinite possibilities. So here’s to morning espresso in Paris,

XOXO Callie

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