Rise Sister Rise. . . a guide for the Fierce, Wild Women

Rise, Sisters Rise.

My soul sisters and I are starting a book club to help keep us in sync, and really just create an excuse to get together and drink wine... but I digress. There is something so much more powerful to our club. We are connected as women, through shared pasts and lives. Soulful connections that were laid long ago, waiting until our Soul's could evolve, waiting until we were ready.

We are being called to rise up like never before, and we thought it important to choose a book that represented the essence of this.

The first book we chose to read is Rise Sister Rise, by Rebecca Campbell. It was a book that I originally listed to on Audible, and instantly felt it pull at my Soul, and was brought to tears many times over. Rebecca speaks to women from a place of divine, universal wisdom. She has chosen to trust her Soul knowings to bring the world the light that is so desperately needed. Rise Sister Rise is a remembering, it is the encouragement we need as women to come together, to heal, to remember our sacred ritualistic rites, and to boldy forge a new way for the return of the DIVINE FEMININE in all of us Fierce, Wild Women.

The message and purpose is clear. Now, more than ever our people need us, our Earth needs us, and our Souls' need us. Rise Sister, Rise.

Rise Sister Rise is a MUST read, find your copy today and begin the journey of connecting with your divine, all knowing soul.

(excerpt from book, the message that unites us all).


When your plans and schemes and your hopes and your dreams beg for you to let them go, Rise Sister Rise. When the life you have so consciously created all comes crumbling down, Rise Sister Rise. When your soul is heavy and your heart is broken in two, Rise Sister Rise. When you have gave it your best and it wasn’t quite enough, Rise Sister Rise. When you have been beaten and defeated and feel so far away from home, Rise Sister Rise. When you find yourself in 1 million pieces with no idea which bit goes where, Rise Sister Rise. When you have loved and lost and then lost again, Rise Sister Rise. When your wings have been clipped your spirit dampened and all you hear is a whisper. Rise Sister Rise. When you finally beg for mercy to your calling but have no idea where to start, Rise Sister Rise. Rise for you, rise for me, when you rise first, you rise for She. @rebeccathoughts, Rise Sister Rise (instagram and the web)

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