You Go First, The Universe Will Go Further.

You go first.

I’ve really been getting into action lately. And I can feel it all around me.

The opportunities that I’ve had and people that I’ve met in the last month are absolutely electric.

But it's terrifying. With the electric excitement comes fear. I feel confusion and I feel doubt. How can this all be happening FOR me?

What did I do to start allowing all of this to come into my life?

The easy answer... I chose to be open to it.

I chose to start saying Yes to new opportunities, without needing to know how they were going to help me in the long run.

I put myself out there to new circles of friends, new jobs, new 'side hustles'. I become relentless in my pursuit to be open to new possibilities. I kept my vibration high and my light always on.

What this really looked like:

I spent the money and invested in MYSELF and invested in experiences. I invested a life coach, personal development seminars, books, audibles, YOGA, my health (Isagenix) and became vigilant in cutting out people/things from my life that no longer served me--even if it was painful to do so.

I trusted in my soul knowing that the universe was behind me all the way and that I was ALWAYS going to be provided for---no matter how low my bank account dropped.

I chose to be open, and I went into action. I put my head down, accepted that my schedule was going to be little more... full... and started meeting the Universe half way.

It all came down to trust but I had to do the work. The Universe and my Guides can only smooth things out so much. I had to be willing to put in the 'sweat equity', I had to get myself to a place to be ready to receive more.

So with more opportunities and more creative fire than EVER BEFORE I feel that it is my duty to share this secret with you.


Stop and feel what’s around you. Stop rushing. Start owning. Take that first step into something new. Something that excites you. Trust, dive in, listen to your intuition. It somehow already knows exactly who and what we were meant to become.

We’re meant to enjoy every moment of this life. Start doing things that light you up. Start doing things that don’t feel like work.

& I promise that if you go first—the universe will go further.

2018 ❤️✌️💯💪

XOXO Callie

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