My Mantra of The Year

Say Yes now—Figure out the ‘How’ later.

Inspired by a Richard Branson quote I read a few years ago. One that I pinned/screen shot/saved to my phone in just about 8 different places. Embracing ‘YES’ has changed everything for me. How? I’ll tell you. Saying YES instead of no, made me a more fun-loving, outgoing, compassionate extrovert when I’d rather play the timid, shy, and selfish introvert. It’s given me the courage to take on new opportunities—and leave behind what is no longer serving me. It gave me the grace and patience to follow my Soul, even when what I was being asked to do made absolutely zero sense. It pushed me to invest in myself: Yoga teacher training, Life Coaches, Personal Development Courses + Groups, Books, & Audibles. I said YES to a simple protein shake for breakfast, and better yet….I said YES to a fucking incredible opportunity to help change the way the people of this world view Health & Wellness. I said YES to knowing my worth and getting paid accordingly, while HELPING others in return. I said YES to Yoga. YES to being Vegan, and I said YES to Isagenix.

All 3 things have forever changed my life. And have given me the energy, willpower, and guidance I’ve needed to change EVERYTHING. I said YES when I didn’t have the money. Didn’t have the time.

Didn’t have the support from the people in my life.

And when I didn’t have the energy to get through my day.

I Said YES first, and figured out HOW later.

The money, the time, the support, the friends and be energy ALL FAME LATER. I was willing to take the leap, and the universe supported me. Although I was required to meet them half way. The ‘How’ was taking a closer look at my spending habits. Taking on multiple jobs. Creatively saving money. APPRECIATING WHAT I HAD and NEVER SETTLING. I’m now making more money than I ever have. Have more opportunities and options, a more creative outlook and have some of the best souls in my life loving and supporting me. The ‘How’ is always easier than you think—It’s the ULTIMATE form of trust. Just know that we are ALWAYS being shown the way. Say Yes, and you’ll be shown the HOW LATER.

You got FIRST, and the universe goes further.

XOXO Callie

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