Going all the way--the patient road to Vegan.

Dreaming in g r e e n....😍🌱🌎✌️

Warning. . .

⚠️ This blog post may make you begin to question your current beliefs on the food we eat ⚠️ It’s funny how we evolve as humans. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually. We are given consciousness and free will at our conception. Matched with our divine intuition—this is an extremely powerful combination. I made the choice a year ago to stop eating meat to become a vegetarian. Quick reference guide--

Vegetarian=omitting meat, eating fish and all animal bi-products


Vegan= NO animal products

To say it was one single thing that made this Wisconsin-raised girl 'quit the good stuff' wouldn't quite be true. With all things, significant change requires multiple nudges from the universe. I've been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. I had intuitive bonds with my animals, seemingly always knowing that their level of consciousness was more than humans gave them credit for. I owned horses growing up, always wondering why we ate their bigger-boned counter parts, the cow, but spoiled and admired the horse as a friend and precious/valuable commodity.

It might of also been a dear friend who told me that intuitively she just didn't feel the need to eat meat anymore. Not aligning with the vibrations that it gave her. Wanting to feel lively and energized is counter-balanced by eating a dead mammal.... Something about that type of thinking felt good to me. It felt familiar and it made sense. I began to notice how I felt when I ate. I craved the feeling of lightness and energy. A source of purity I had not felt before after I ate.

Or maybe it was the week I binged watched Cowspiracy, What the Health and Food, Inc. . . appropriately crying and swearing my way through all three. The insights and change I felt was palpable. I stopped eating meat all together that week.

I am passionate about animals, and kept failing to understand WHY our society places dogs, cats, horses, and other companion animals on a pedestal—‘friend’ status—worthy of love and affection, time, energy, and long-term veterinary care. While chickens, cows, and pigs are just fine to consume. To be given sub-par living conditions, a number not a name, are injected with growth hormones to get to market faster, be separated from their mothers prematurely— and to be forced bred simply for their bi-products. As I said, I LOVE animals. They are divine creatures with a conscience, memory, and intuition—Just. Like. Us. And it stopped making sense why we pick and choose what we eat & and what’s allowed to cuddle with us in bed at night. NOT ONLY for their wellbeing, but for the planet. My journey to vegan has been slow. I first gave up red and white meat. Omitting chicken, beef, and pork from my diet was surprisingly easy. I found that I didn't crave flesh. Fish was the second thing to go, because... fish just creep me out. God bless them and I wish them all a happy life swimming around... but that was easy.

Eggs. They were next to go. Eating embryo's just wasn't a cool thing and I've SEEN those chicken farms in the south...cramped, smelly, and HORRIBLE for our environment (chicken poo has to go somewhere). 'Free Range' and 'Grass Fed' or not I stopped eating mama chicken so not eating almost-baby chickens was a no brainer.

Dairy. Oh sweet dairy. Sharp cheddar. Cookie dough ice cream. BUTTER. SOMEONE STOP ME. I was SO OK being a vegetarian. I’m from Wisconsin and that should say it all. I was a vegetarian and proud of it! Proud of the impact my mostly plant based diet had on the environment, my body, and those around me. It seemed like enough. Until I REALLY started to think this through. Was this the best I could do? Was this in alignment with my soul? Was I feeling the best that I could?

The answer was no. I could do better--I could feel better. My soul was nudging me towards Vegan. and to be honest, cheese and dairy bound me up and made me feel bloated. No one likes to feel massive and uncomfortable. It was distracting me from my day and lowering my vibe. No bueno. So I wrapped up a 2-Day cleanse early yesterday, a little r e s e t for my body, so I could have dinner with the fam. We went out for pizza...and something changed. For the first time—I didn’t want cheese. It’s like my soul whispered to me, ‘no more’. No more of the way it binds up my tummy. No more of the harmful vibrations given to the cheese from the way it’s made. No more of letting food control the energy I want to be/feel on this earth. It’s being selfish and doing this for my health—only so I can stick around and be a voice for the planet 🌎 So, world, today I am officially your newest Vegan. Tried and true it’s been a journey over the past year. The most important thing I did for myself on this journey was to have PATIENCE and compassion for where I was it.

I continuously checked in with my Soul, intuitively addressed my health and the goals I wanted to meet, and continued to study the impact animal agriculture has on our planet. Deforestation, ozone depletion, water pollution from animal waste, and the overall welfare and wellbeing of the animals we raise for consumption.

I'm entering a new chapter in my life and I am SO excited to share it with each and every one of you.

XOXO Callie

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