2 Years Later : Health, Purpose, & Life MY WAY

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. 2 years since I learned what it t r u l y meant to put myself first.

To realize that before I can give my voice, support, or love to others, I have to fill my own cup first.

You can’t pour hot water from an empty kettle.

So I began to fill my cup from the bottom up. I started with my health—my body. What did my physical body need to be at 100%? What did I need to finally FEEL GOOD in my body? What did I need to keep WORKING 60 hours a week? Live out my dreams? And keep me fully present and alive for my family and friends?

Easy, Nutrition. Something I wasn’t getting because I simply DIDN’T KNOW. I didn’t know it could be affordable, SIMPLE, and convenient. I hadn’t yet learned what real nutrition looked like.

I didn’t know there was another way, until a my soul sister s h o w e d me the way. The way people all over the world are discovering. What’s helping people get their LIVES back. To thrive in this lifetime, instead of drag their feet through the mud.

I thank God/Source/The Divine every day for Isagenix. I never miss my morning shake. Pack of A.M Essential Vitamins. Ionix Supreme. And IsaGreens. It’s a routine that I will have with me until the day. I. die.

The company just celebrated its 16th Birthday, with no signs of slowing down. Almost doing $1 Billion in sales annually, it’s no joke.

So if you’re finding it harder and harder to keep pouring from an empty kettle, reach out to me. There is a new way and I’d love to help you get there.Don’t wait on your health & and STOP waiting on your life.

XOXO Callie

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