Finding Abundance in Less

Minimalism has been a super fascinating idea to me over the past year (as I currently stare at my pile of clothes on the floor…).

With popular documentaries on Netflix like ‘Minimalism’, and the growing trend of self-help books (‘The Joy of Less’ & ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ to name a few), and a recent viral Facebook post about Swedish Death Cleaning, that are aimed at helping you feel more organized, less claustrophobic, and helping you to see the abundance in your life.

Abundance. Whenever I hear that word I swear I hear Angel’s singing…. I stop myself in gratitude and think what a privilege it is to have all that I have, and to be living a life so many around the world will never see.

I was at an Isagenix event in January, wherein one of my fav speakers mentioned how this past year she learned the true meaning of abundance: Space. 

Space is Abundance. Having space in your home. Space in your relationships, and space in your emotional wellbeing. 

Space is a gift that we too often under appreciate. It’s the key to creative breakthroughs, spiritual fulfillment and happiness.

I look around at all of my ‘stuff’. Knowing that I spent my hard earned money on so much of it… that I don’t even use or have never even worn (tags still on…). I bought that stuff to feel something. 

I bought that stuff to fit into a certain mold. I bought that stuff, stretched myself financially, just because I thought it was what everyone was doing.

A dear friend of my said that she had kept buying and collecting things because subconciously she didn't think she would ever have the money to buy those things again.

She recognized that she lacked an abundant mindset. A state in which you consistently live in a survival mode. You sell yourself short on your possibilities— financial and emotional.  Looking at my own habits and thoughts—I couldn't agree with her more. I lacked an abundant mindset. 

If you've ever been poor, or on the brink of losing everything--I'm assuming you can relate. Not knowing if you would be able to put gas in your car to get to work, or food in your fridge for you or your children, tends to build a very serious resistance to the idea that you could ever feel abundance--when all you ever see and feel is lack. 

Overcoming this mindset requires two major things:

1) Action

2) Unshakeable Belief

And a future blog post that I will share with you as I myself continue to mold my beliefs. STAY TUNED.

As far as my materialistic shopping habits, I bought all of that stuff without recognizing the impact it would have on our environment.

Something I've been extremely conscious of this year. 

How is it produced? Is it made of sustainable products? Is it made of animal products? Can I recycle it? Or will it just clog up some landfill or float in our oceans? 

2017 was the year that I realized the impact my financial decisions made on the collective whole. I’ve started asking myself these questions;

Do I have a good relationship with my money? 

Am I letting it work for the greater good? 

Is this a need, or a want?

For me, ‘stuff’ no longer makes me happy. Having less (and appreciating the choice of less) does. 

So I’m on a kick for 2018. Seriously inspired by Cait Flander’s new book, ‘The Year of Less’ wherein she decided for one year to get rid of anything she didn’t use or love—and at the same time would not be able to shop for anything new (Available on Amazon!)

That’s me this year. And It also includes being WAY more mindful about going out to eat/drinking (Is it for a friend’s Birthday—or am I just lazy? Do I really need a beer right now?).

So I hope this inspires you as it did me—to really take look at your material life. What things do you never even use? What clothes do you seldom wear? What is taking up precious space in your life?

So as I embark on my own version of 'The Year of Less' I'll leave you with this questions; 

Where can you find abundance in less?

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