I Hope You Are Ready

I hope that you took this week to rest. I hope that you took long naps, ate lots of food 🧀 , drank lots of wine🍷 , binge watched every episode of everything, laughed, loved, cried, didn’t shower, and definitely skipped a shave or two 😜 I hope that every bone, muscle, ligament, tendon and cell in your body is rested and recharged ❤️ I hope you are ready. Because this next year we’re going to need you. We’re going to need you to take better care of yourself & better care of the planet. We will require more compassion from you. Less ego, and more soul.

We will need you to choose to live more consciously. Which means understanding the ripple effect your thoughts, words, & actions create through people and Mother Earth. Because we are at a crossroads, an unprecedented time of the history of our planet. Can you feel it? Gone are the days where its OK to put profits before people. Gone is the one size fits all mentality. The idea that it’s OK to pollute our oceans and land. To unapologetically use our Earth’s finite resources. Gone is a world superpower—and a big, fat Hello to the Conscious Collective. We need to start living in a way that brings us all together. Raising our vibrations, finding our true soul alignments, and carrying out the mission we came to this Earth to experience. There’s a reason you are here right now. There is a reason you are YOU right now. So on a day like today when I start freaking out about how loaded my schedule is, and how I’m going to have to dig deeper than ever this year to make it all happen— I stop. I soften. I breathe. I give up to the Divine. So often I find myself needing to take my own advice… so here I go. We need to rest up my friends, because Mother Earth needs us now more than ever.


XOXO Callie

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