Redefining 'Hustle'. . . Using Alignment As Your Motivator

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you're no stranger to hard work. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty and you understand that in order to have the material things you want, the promotion, the raise, financial freedom and independence-- you have to work for it. I'm not talking about the 'doing the bare minimum' kind of work... I'm talking about the unpaid overtime. The late nights and early mornings. Going above and beyond your commitments. Working multiple jobs between balancing an already chaotic home life.

Hard work is modest. It doesn't brag or ask for praise. It's in the discipline, the grind. You wake up, show up, do the work and never complain about what you have to do to get there.. This is how I define hustle. It's necessary if you want to 10X your life, and what sets apart the financially free--and the financially tied.

But what I also want to share with you is what Hustle isn't.

Hustle isn't spending your day mindlessly scrolling Instagram or Facebook. Hustle isn't complaining. Hustle isn't settling. Hustle isn't working only 25 hours a week. Hustle isn't posting a 'hustle' meme on Instagram and automatically becoming a 'boss' or 'boss babe'. Hustle isn't always exciting, and hustle isn't something you brag about. Hustle is what you do when no one is around to see you. It's everything people don't see on your Instagram story or Snap Chat. It's your daily discipline and mental grit.

What I'm learning, is that real hustle is equal parts discipline--- patience--- and alignment.

Alignment brings the magic. For my rational minded readers, you may find this next section hard to go along with. I get it, because I was there. But I challenge you---take off your practicality cap, and be open to just objective reading. There's a reason you are here right now reading my blog. Part of me thinks that you've been wondering why all of your efforts, dedication, and everything you'd worked so hard for--- has just started feeling so... yuck. That's the sign of misalignment. I've SO been there.

Misalignment can be painful. It's this constant nagging that 'this isn't right'.

I'm going to tell you right now, those feelings are your intuition. Your gut. Your instinct. Your Soul. Whatever you want to call it, and it's not going to quit until you stop, listen, and embrace it.

Alignment defies logic, fact, and societal influence. Alignment is what your soul wants. It's what you were born on this planet, at this moment in history, to accomplish.

When you are aligned with your work and your purpose, you feel this euphoric flow. The Universe provides, and things just line up. The right people step in to help at the RIGHT time. You have all of the resources you will ever need to reach your goals, and it EXCITES you. You start living to work, not working to live.

But I do want you to know that acting and living out of alignment can be terrifying. Often time it requires you to live outside of your comfort zone and completely change your career path. but it is the most rewarding decision you'll make in your entire life---because in essence, alignment within your career path, relationships, goals, and family IS life and we ALL deserve to feel good in every aspect of this short life.

So then HOW do you start living from alignment, specifically on your career path?

Alignment is everything, and I'm not the first one to start living this. If you know me you'll know I'm a HUGE fan girl of Peta Kelly. I was introduced to her work through Isagenix, as she was a Millionaire by age 25 through Network Marketing. She is ballsy, badass, and is all about unapologetically living from Alignment. She was actually featured in Forbes and wrote this STELLAR article on the the '7 Ways To Know If You're On The Right career Path' . She talks about doing what excites you---this is the key to alignment. So give it a read and give her a follow in Instagram. You won't regret it.

And my advice for you--stop thinking so hard.

Next time you are doing something and you find yourself in the thrill of excitement and passion, stop. What are you doing in that moment? Is It the activity that excites you? Is it the people? The place? The adventure?

For me it's people. HELPING, LISTENING, AND INSPIRING people. It fricken lights. me. up. I live by the motto "the People I'm looking for are looking for me." I heard it on some podcast once upon a time, and its never felt more tried and true.

Once I started recognizing that I was in control of how bright I shine, I had the idea to step up my social media influencing, blogging, and soon to be YouTube channel in hopes of attracting the people that are looking for me. I believe that there is MORE to life, and I'm dead set on inspiring people to create sustainable, conscious habits to reach their goals and live in alignment--while I learn right along side you.

One last thing....I realize that the words I write might be frustrating. You may be trying to figure out what your purpose or your passions are. . . and that right here means you are so much closer than you think. Never stop searching. Start seeing the clues that often times appear right in front of you. You know what I'm talking about. We've got so much help from the universe and its all meant just for YOU.

So I'm not going to write some long conclusion here, I think I've said all I have to say. So instead I'll lave it in the hands of Steve Jobs, and his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech. A true visionary and legend as I type this blog from my MacBook Pro, be inspired my friends and 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.'

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