4 Takeaways from my 'Summer of YOLO, #freedomrockets and Millenial Soul Searching'

This was the summer of Yes. After a whirlwind start to the year (I quit my ‘dream job'. . . still saving that for another blog post. . .) I was going to say Yes to every opportunity to travel that came my way. Why? Well besides the fact that I’m a feisty Leo and I can, my theories are that I follow too many Globe Trotting Hipsters on Instagram, I was trying to make up for lost travel time from years past, and ultimately. . .I thought it was what I needed to make my life feel more complete.

If you couldn’t already tell by my totally LIT Instagram. Mission Accomplished. Spontaneous and stubborn as they come—I was hell bent on making this Summer of Travel a reality. So I went for it and wasn’t going to let anything get in my way #freedomrockets 🖕🚀

California. Minocqua. Las Vegas. Seattle… and Atlanta this fall.

I didn’t worry having enough money to pay for it all. I didn’t worry about missing commitments. I didn’t worry about losing my luggage. I didn’t worry about missing friends, family, and my boyfriend, and I certainly didn’t worry about missing a constructive and sustainable daily routine.

Hurricane Callie was in full force, and she hit land hard.

Was my Summer of Travel fun? Absolutely! I saw friends I hadn’t seen in a while, stayed in hotels and houses I’ve never been financially able to even walk near let alone stay in, explored some awesome vegetarian/vegan food, saw the ocean, hiked a mountain, got some sun, and had me some 'summer-y' 'rum-y' 'coconut-y' cocktails 🍹 🍸

It was all seriously THE BEST.

But there were some key takeaways from my ‘Summer of Travel’ that I need to share with you, because FOMO (fear of missing out) is a valid feeling, but I want you to know that experiences aren’t always what they seem on a cropped out, filtered up, Instagram photo.

Callie's Takeaway #1

There is a thing as too much Spontaneity.

I hope you know that I’m all about exposing the highlight reel, and showing you reality. Specifically MY reality. So know that while I for sure rocked it out stateside basically doing whatever I wanted to, it wasn’t all perfect. It was actually REALLY hard to manage and I wasn’t always super pleasant OR present for my ride or dies. Especially my boyfriend. Because when you sign on for the life you live, like it or not you have responsibilities. Responsibility to being an Employee. Friend, Daughter, and Healthy Human. By doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (emphasis on I) I did not fulfill the daily obligations of things that are important to me and to the people/organizations that are in my life. By choosing spontaneity—I did not choose my obligations. And because I am on the Karmic ‘pay as you go’ plan.… I am paying for it now.

I don't have the money in my bank account that I’d like. I didn’t build my blog/business the way I wanted to. I wasn’t there for people when they needed me, and I wasn’t there for myself or my health. I ate too much—drank too much—and procrastinated too much. I took spontaneity seriously—and I scored. But I sacrificed. And it was my sacrifices that have put me off track from the goals I set for myself, that would allow me to have the greatest impact in the lives of others. So be Spontaneous. Travel the world. Be YOU, but first and foremost choose carefully. What are your responsibilities? Where are your energies most needed right now? WHO/WHAT in your life most needs you right now? Nothing is ever as it seems online (including my Instagram).

#2 We’re All Doing the Best We Can.

Traveling with friends and working in the restaurant this summer has introduced me to SO many more people and situations. Now I’ve dealt with my fair share in life—just like everyone else. Some public, some private. But it’s there. And it’s my hope over the course of my life to share it with you.

Sometimes the lessons we learn in life, lead us down the well worn path of Judgement. I'm not talking the spiritual 'get into Heaven' judgement. I'm talking emotional and egotistical judgment of ourselves and others. Now, we all learn from certain situations and lessons in SO many different ways. Each of us having our own takeaways we apply to our lives. We're all on a different journey with certain things to learn in this lifetime—and it’s beautiful.

With that said, it can be too easy to judge others for the way they handle a certain situation or person. Especially if it’s different than the way WE would have handled it.

Can you relate? Here are some common judgements:

Parenting Styles


Exercise Routines

Career Plans

Retirement Funds

Post-High School plans


Drinking habits

I am SO guilty of judging people. Sometimes it happens so fast that I don’t even feel the thought coming. My Ego can be a mean girl sometimes and I’m really not proud of it. But being human can be messy.

But somehow this summer was different. This summer I started seeing people and their decisions in a different light. I started to see that in each and every day of our lives, through every challenge, on every commute to work, at every family dinner, in every late night at the office, on every barstool, in every corporate boardroom, on every couch, during every double shift worked—EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US IS DOING THE BEST WE CAN.

We make judgments about a person, without knowing their life.

We see the single mom picking up fast food for her kids when we DON’T see her juggling 3 jobs, unpaid bills, and the time to cook a healthy alternative.

We see the flashy, successful real estate agent listing another million dollar home.. and DON’T see them hiding a gambling problem, a failing marriage and depression.

We see the disheveled waitress or bartender working until bar close—but what we DON’T see is that during the day they are chasing their dreams. Going to school. Supporting their children. Building a business. And hustling just to foot the bill for it all.

I learned compassion at a deeper level this year. I learned to have more trust in others and to be more interested, than interesting. I’m learning to see and RESPECT everyone’s journey. Being a friend when they need it and a optimistic bystander when they don’t.

So let’s put more effort towards setting aside our judgments, and putting forward more compassion. The vibrational state of our planet is OUR responsibility, and it takes us working TOGETHER with compassion and love to Rise Up.

#3 Watch Your Energy like you Watch Your Luggage.

So I lost my bag in Vegas. For 3 whole days. Basically the entire trip. And when you’ve been living out of a suitcase for an entire month because of traveling, moving, and working… losing your bag is like losing your identity. Well not really, but it absolutely felt like it. I lost my bag and I was mad. Mad at myself for forgetting it on The Venetian Elevator. Mad because I thought someone stole the things I worked extremely hard for. Mad at myself for spending money on all the things that I lost in the first place. And really mad that I had to waste a whole day of my trip looking for my bag and buying replacement items. I had piss poor energy about the entire situation, and it was super hard to shake. I took this incident very personal and straight up blamed the Universe for trying to teach me a cruel lesson. First world problems, right? But I had something to learn. And from this perspective I can clearly see that it’s actually been a reoccurring theme in my life.

I didn’t understand this lesson at first, because at first I was only thinking about myself. How many situations in our life revolve around us thinking like this? How much TIME is this going to cost ME? How much MONEY is this going to cost ME? And what we especially tend to overlook is how our attitude will effect others.

I mourned the loss of my bag and my things but I immediately moved towards forgetting all about it, and sarcastically hoping the person that took it was enjoying my stuff. I was being a TOTAL drama queen. But then something clicked.

Was I FOR REAL letting one bag full of THINGS seriously ruin my entire trip? I wasn’t being mindful of my energy, and I let external factors get the best of me. I was letting a situation completely derail my intentions for that trip, time spent with my friends, and the rest of my summer. It was so silly. They were just things, but I still had me.

Was the finding of my bag out of my control? Yupp. I had some lesson to learn and I know this was it. I’m human. I get tired. I get hangry. I get emotional and frustrated.

But in every situation— We have the ability to monitor and change our energy. So I started being grateful to all the nice people who helped me at the hotel in the effort to find my bag…instead of frustrated. I stopped thinking of my things as losing a part of me… and simply getting rid of things that weren’t serving me. I spent the appropriate amount of energy finding my bag, honoring the feelings of those around me who were trying to help.

And then I let go. I owned the lesson, and started owning my energy. We are all responsible for the energy we leave in this world. We have SO MUCH choice about where we want to spend our energy, how we want to manage it, who we want to give it to. I hope you know that you are so much more powerful than you even know. We all learn this in different ways, for me it was Spending a few days at the Lost & Found. (And I did get my bag back. On the very last day, I got a phone call from the Director of Security. Needless to say that my bag showed up as soon as my lesson was learned ✌️)

#4 You Are Already Living the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

This summer I've finally realized. . .after all this time. . . that I'm already living the life I've always wanted. It took me years of insecurity, doubt, & comparison to actually believe this. I chased every goal that wasn't mine, thinking it would somehow complete me.

I may not be where I want to be, but I’m definitely NOT where I DON'T want to be. Being alive, and an American gives me the privilege to design a life the way I see fit ----fiercely loving and caring about people---cutting away the bullshit standards that never fit me—and discovering myself though travel, people, and self-love.

Stop searching and start seeing that you're already living your dream life. Make adjustments. Minor alterations. Grow. Learn. Love. MORE. But just know that you're already doing it. Start seeing where you are and NOT where you aren’t. Start loving your life and start flowing with it. It really does keep getting better and better.

XOXO Callie

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