This is For the One's Who Changed Everything.

If I said Callaboration was all me, I'd be lying.

I've had the vision for Callaboration for years. Not the brand name or blog idea. But the feeling of Callaboration. Her Energy and Unique Identity. The feeling that I was here to share my voice in support of the conscious awakening of our planet. Maybe you've felt it too.

But I never felt like I was ready to bring Her to life. . . until now.

Maybe it was because I still had hard lessons to learn, relationships to end, jobs to quit, and soul sisters & brothers to find.

My soul was definitely not in a rush; but Now is the time.

The time to start sharing everything I wish I had known years earlier.

The time to start living in tune and respecting the natural flow of our planet.

The time to start loving more--and envying less.

The time to Stop, and live in complete gratitude for everything that I am, and have yet to become.

And believe me when I say that it's your time too.

The past few months have been a whirlwind to say the least---and by months I mean year. Here's a quick run down to bring you up to speed:

Callie's Life 2016-2017


I ended long-term Relationships.

I quit my job(s).

Moved States

Started caring for my Body

Invested in my Personal Growth and Development

Made the decision to start LIVING and LOVING every second of my life

I found Me and I found my TRIBE.

Yeah that last one.

You know those people in your life who you immediately connect with? The ones who support your Growth, and who push you to be your Authentic Best? When being around them is easy and comfortable, never forced. Like you have known them for lifetimes.

That's your Tribe.

You find your Tribe when you find yourself. Never sooner, never later.

When you start becoming crystal clear on WHO you are and WHAT you came here to do in this lifetime---your Tribe will show up. Its the Universal Law of Attraction, and synchronicity is everywhere.

Without every single person who I am lucky enough to call a friend---I never would have had the confidence or clarity to bring Callaboration to life.

She would not have beautiful photos, stunning logos, or the positive energy that she does.

Without the help of my Tribe I would not be who I am today.

And that's what made it so hard for me to sit down and write this. How do you write a simple Thank You to the people who literally changed everything?

In truth, there are no words available that would even come close to acknowledging the impact that every person in my life has made on my Soul, and every future lifetime. So instead of writing a 'Thank You', I'm choosing to write a Tribute.

A Blogged Tribute to the massive impact they unknowingly are leaving on this Earth simply by being Themselves.

There is SO Much more to come for Callaboration, but I couldn't think of a better place to start.

Friend, if you're reading this, please know how grateful I am to have you as an integral part of my life. You've helped me more than you'll ever know, just by being you. Never stop.

So shine on my friends. Keep giving your gifts and lifting others up in ways only you know how.

You are enough.

You have enough.

And you will always BE enough.

I love you all, and THANK YOU for all that you have done for me.

XOXO Callie

Special Shout Outs

A little Blog Lovin' from me to You....

Kylee McNamara


We've known each other for a little over a year now, but I was instantly attracted to your infectious Light. It's in the way you talk to people--the way you listen. I think it the is way you constantly give the world your Best and nothing less. I can see it in your work ethic, Your smile, Your Laughter and Your Creative Eye. Your love and passion for life, freedom, and friendships. You are absolutely inspiring, and lift up everyone who has had the pleasure to be around you--even if for a minute. When you're not around, nothing is the same. You drastically change any atmosphere for the better, and it was the easiest of Yes's when you offered to be the photographer for my first photoshoot ever. I know to this day that your Soul, saw my Soul, and helped capture that in print.

Thank you for giving me these gifts, Kylee. Callaboration was brought to life because of what you see in me and I am eternally grateful for all the you are.

XOXO Callie

Justin Collins


I have always been subconciously attracted to the most creative and conscious people. When I met Justin, I was rebuilding my life. I started becoming specific about the people I wanted to surround myself with. Not understanding why, but knowing it would all connect later on. And then I met you Justin. In a place where I've literally met some of the best people in my life---the well of a bar.

Justin, it was in your confidence, humor, authenticity, generosity, and innate ability to piece together ideas--visions--words--feelings--design and imagination, that I first knew Callaboration chose You to design Her logos. Creative and Intuitive, You listen to a seemingly random vision, and take it on with sheer excitement. Whether that be in Graphic Design, Photography, or your Body Piercing work. Your patience for the process (and your clients) is what makes your work true Art. Irreplaceable and priceless.

Callaboration and the #FeelGood5ibe would just be words on paper and some crazy girls' ramblings, without you Justin. Thank you for your skill and your art. Thank you for seeing my Light. Thank You for having the courage to grow into the person you were born to be. The person that the world needs.

I found this photo Justin took, to be the essence of our friendship and of Justin himself.

Check out more of his work at and hire him for your next project ✌️

Kristina & Alyssa

Bubbly Vibes Pallet Painting Parties

Bubbly Vibes

^^Check them out!


I owe a massive shout out to Kristina and Alyssa for showing me what it means to have dedication to your craft. When I met them, Callaboraiton was just some half-baked idea. A feeling... and also the reason I quit my job. I had the passion and the fire, but no direction. Meeting Kristina and Alyssa (entrepreneurial and creative minds alike) I heard their stories about the Ups and the Downs. Lessons learned, and Customers made.

They are two incredible inspiring women, who started their own Graphic design businesses and then came to gather to create Bubbly Vibes. They had the idea and the vision, and did what was necessary to bring make it real. I highly suggest you check out their websites. Whether you're looking to host a Painting Party, or need some biz advice of your own---these are you girls!

Kristina - Kristina Designz

Customized Wedding Stationary

Alyssa - Lock & Key Designs

Beautiful and Unique Graphic Design work

Kristi Bakken


"But I don't want to be that girl".

Oh Sister if you only knew.

It's the way that your energy resonates, that holds the attention of a room full of people.

It's the way your carefree demeanor comforts and soothes worldly stress and worry.

It's the fabulous Mother you are, and the Fierce love you hold for your children.

It's your patience for growth, and respect for the Soul's timing that you are able to hold and carry the heavy space for others.

It's your sense of humor and laughter that breaks barriers.

It's the way that you go High... when they go Low.

It's your passion for empowerment---the Journey---and Soul purpose that makes you a natural guide for others.

It's the way that more people than you even realize---look up to you. Your Bright Light shining giving them the permission they need to shine theirs.

It's the way you're doing it all Right.

That Girl-----speaks her Mind. That Girl----lives unabashedly Herself. That Girl-----shares her passions. That Girl----- paves the way...the NEW way. That Girl --is my Soul Sister, Mentor, and Best Friend... and I want to thank you for shining so bright because it was in the darkness that I found you.

Keep Rockin' Mama. Please keep being That Girl.

XOXO Callie

Mom & Dad

When I chose this life, I knew I was choosing both of you.

I chose to be your little girl who was never afraid to venture off on her own.

I chose to be your small-town girl with big city ideas.

I chose to be your stubborn and self-conscious little girl, who would carry the weight of a Big Life on her shoulders.

But I also chose the Parents who would teach me unconditional Love.

I chose the Parents that would give me the tenacity and grit needed to make it through this human experience.

I chose the family that would put their children first, making sure they knew to cherish the moments over earthly souvenirs.

And I'm slowly realizing that I made the best choice. I'm remembering why I came here.

I'm remembering that when my Soul chose this life--- I knew I was choosing Love. I knew I was choosing the parents who would teach me to live a compassionate and authentic life and who would raise me to be all that I will become.

I would choose you both over and over again. In this life---and the next. Thank you for being everything that you are---your light and love are your true legacy.




Boo, you know I talk about manifesting all the time. You know I consider it truth and universal law ✌️

I think that you know it's comforting to me. The thought of something so much bigger out there, and knowing that there is no such thing as coincidence, is what keeps me going in life. It's what keeps me from burning out and falling apart.

I have a crystal collection, spiritual/self-help library, sage, written affirmations and hippie wardrobe to prove it ❤️😜

But what I don't think I ever told you.... is that for years I was secretly manifesting.... You.

I would imagine myself with someone who could make me laugh...and good--cry (no one needs the bad crying)

A man who would want to know about my life, caring and respecting all of my life lessons...

I pictured a man I could travel the world with.

Be lazy with.

Do everything with, and do nothing with.

I dreamed of a man who would support me in every endeavor. Listening to me. Balancing me out when I tipped the scales of rationality.

I saw myself with a man who was intellectual, driven, witty, and confident with himself and his life.

I pictured a man who was handsome. With dark hair, a charming smile, and an athletic build (had to throw that in there boo 😘 and its totally true)

I knew it when I met you. It wasn't a clear thought, but a deeply rooted feeling. You just felt good to me. It was easy, like we had done it all before.

And quite frankly, my life would not look the same without you in it. The way you've just let me be so... unapologetically ME is the part I didn't see coming.

So thank you for listening to me, thank you for sticking it out when I moved across state lines. Quit my Job. Started my business. While I continue to dream. Figure things out. And continue to deal with my insane work schedule.

I love you so fricken much.

XOXO Callie

Jenna Fuhrman


It's funny how we reconnected. Both at an all too familiar bottom. Spending too much time with boys who didn't matter, drinking for fun and drinking to not be alone.

And together we broke the cycle. Together we learned what it means to be an Adult. Together we picked up our pieces and created new lives. Together we vented----talked about boys----talked about quitting our jobs----got healthy----learned what it felt like to put ourselves first--and had a few laughs along the way.

Jenna, you are one of the most compassionate women I know. You're considerate, loving, sarcastic, stubborn, and straight up hilarious. I want you to know that the strength you've shown in your life, gave me the inspiration I needed to get through every slump, time and time again. Thank you for being unapologetically YOU Jenna. You are far more powerful and influential than you may ever know. Keep looking forward. Keep adulting hard 😜

Roommates or not----I will ALWAYS have your back. Love you roomie!

XOXO Callie

Melanie Currey


What's hilarious to me, is that it took 4 years of college, sharing similar social circles, classes, and jobs....for us two ambitious women to find each other--in River Falls, WI I might add.

We met during the same phase of our lives----at the cusp of the Real World, climbing our way out of destructive relationships, just trying to hold on for dear life.

We were unsure of who we were, but found solace in the fact that the other also has had no fucking clue what they wanted out of life. Big things for sure----but what things? Forever the carefree and wild women, we sure knew how to take it slow.

Thank you for being my Best Friend and Soul Sister. Thank you for loving me, and sticking by my side when I had NO ONE there to believe me. You gave me the space I pretended to need, but would have come running in a heart beat.

Your friendship gave me the standards on which I re-built my life. I will be FOREVER grateful to you, and cannot wait to see what this lifetime of friendship holds next.

XOXO Callie

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