No this is not a blog post about drugs or alcohol. . .

But I write this in hopes that my words resonate with all parts of you. The Feminine and the Masculine. The Extrovert and the Introvert. The Lost and Found. The Dreamer and the Realist. And inspire you to push yourself into new ways of thinking--believing--and BEING.

Because it is SO possible. Can you feel it?

Because YOU deserve to feel good all day, every day, for the rest of your life. You deserve to work WITH your body, instead of fight against it. You deserve to intimately KNOW your body and only choose things that feel good to YOU. No one in this world has the right to define 'Feeling Good' for YOUR beautiful and unique body EXCEPT YOU.

And if you're like me, someone who tried for too long to constantly to fit into who I 'Should' be, You'll have also come to a point in your life where anything inauthentic starts smelling like shit. You become resistant to trying the new Diets/Workout trends because you know it will be another two week 'crash and burn' attempt, sending you into a deep spiral of confusion, loss, let down, and low self esteem. The 'Should' becomes unsustainable and you no longer know Yourself.

It's a vicious cycle, one that I consciously chose to put an end to.

And this life is waiting for you too. The other side is so much better than you could possibly imagine. It is REAL and the vision I have for you as you read this right now, is what lights me up. All that YOU are and all that YOU will be inspires me. Because FEELING GOOD is our birth right. We came here to learn, live, and FEEL GOOD while doing it. And if we started to base all of our decisions off of that simple concept. What would change?

We'd stop 'fad dieting', and start eat foods that make us feel good.

We'd choose workouts that move us, and not just move to work out.

We'd spread more love and less hate.

We'd Love ourselves more.

We'd create the space to start implementing more SUSTAINABLE environmental practices in our lives (Mother Earth is my homegirl).

We'd start showing our Animal friends more love and less torture (You don't eat your friends).

We'd stop zoning out to Netflix and START getting involved in a new movement.

We'd connect to higher levels of consciousness, and become ONE.

Ultimately, I've stopped trying to follow everyone else and instead started asking myself this question, "What makes me Feel good?" What Food?

What exercise?

What friends?

What books?

What jobs?

What passions?

What relationships?

And it keeps going.

And it all started when a friend took the time to listen to me. Like really Listen. She was patient, she gave me the space to make my OWN decisions in my OWN time. She respected those decisions, and was there for me when the shit storms passed. Because this doesn't happen overnight. And we all need friends like that in our lives. We all need to be RESPECTED in our lives. That includes Repspecting ourselves enough to discover what feels good. And that's why I created Collaboration. That's why I am here for YOU.

It doesn't seem like much, but right now, envision your life---the life you've always wanted to live. In that life, are you still living how you are living now? If the answer today is NO and continues to be NO, I CHALLENGE you to stop, make yourself present and ask---

What Makes Me Feel Good?

And listen to YOUR voice. Not what the Media says. Not what your Boyfriend says. Not what your Friends say. Not what your Mom says. What feels good to YOU? Figure it out, and start basing your decisions in life on that.

I want you to know that I'm not done here. The #FeelGood5ibe is private space I've built for you to express and explore everything that is YOU. I firmly believe that starts with Nutrition, because when you nurture your Body, your Mind will follow.

Me. You Nutrition. 5 months. Follow me on Social Media, and Message me when you're ready for More. You don't have to do it alone.

Together, Let's make Feeling Good a Habit not a Heartbreak.

Callie XOXO

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