Who am I to create Epic Shit?

I strongly believe this question is what held me back for so long. Have you ever had this conversation with yourself? Have you ever had the Soul Desire to create something so much bigger than You, and be so overcome by self-doubt and insecurity that it's paralyzing?

I have.

I have known for a very long time, that I wanted to start my own business. It was just this nagging, Knowing Feeling. Like I just knew this is what my life was for. I had envisioned being a successful Entrepreneur, working from home. Having a NICE home. Driving Nice vehicles. Having a happy, supportive marriage and raising a family. Traveling whenever and wherever I wanted to. Paying bills each month with EASE and zero stress. I had the vision, but I was at the bottom and had no idea where to start. Worst of all, I never felt worthy or capable of having any of it.

Who was I to start and run a successful business? Constantly comparing myself to others, I never felt like I added up. I wasn't smart enough. Creative enough. Outspoken enough. Influential enough... to be the face of a business. Who was going to listen to me?

These thoughts haunted me throughout college and some years after. And I couldn't find the time to devote any time or energy towards re-wrting them---I wasn't willing to. My life was a shit storm (some was self-created) and any creative energy I had, was spent figuring out how I would make it through that day----or how I would pay my bills that next month. I was just trying desperately to keep it together. I was exhausted and I lived hard and fast, so slowing down was never an option.

Until I discovered Burn-Out. Tell Tale Signs of 'Callie Burn Out' include but are not limited to:

  • Exhaustion

  • Self-Doubt

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Self-Destructive Habits

  • Negative Moods

  • The Tendency to Hide from Friends/Family

  • The Constant Feeling that I Am Not Good Enough

I WANT YOU TO KNOW that It took a lot for me to be able to step back and realize the signs. To be able to recognize Burn Out and the effect it had on my life.

I LEARNED that if I ever wanted to create something in my life, If I ever wanted to make that vision in my head a reality, I would have to learn better self care. I would have to learn to have faith in my abilities, and patience for my journey, and to really trust my intuition. I would need to learn to listen more than I talked--and to be interested more than I was interesting. This took years of practice, and I'm still a work in progress. But no matter how negatively I viewed myself, or how burned out I got, I knew that I had to start working. I had to stop shit talking myself, and stop letting people in my life dictate how I was going to live.

If I was going to make any sort of an impact in this life, I had to start building from somewhere. In college, it was in being forced to take the General Business classes necessary to graduate (funny how that works) that I secretly fell in love with courses like Economics, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, and Operations Management. From Small to Large Scale Organizations, I loved connecting the dots. Reading Forbes daily, attending On-Campus Events featuring successful Alumni as speakers, reading my textbooks (I was TOTALLY that girl 😜), and getting hands on--- I tried to start a small not-for-profit start up in college (didn't work out BTW). . .

I became obsessed with Audibles. I stopped numbing myself to music--and started rewiring the way I thought by taking on the perspectives and teachings of others. I dove head first into Personal Development. Every Book. Every Event. Every Youtube video and Inspirational meme---I was there.

If you would have asked me two years ago, if I was ready to bring my entrepreneurial visions to life-- I would have laughed at you. To be frank, I was not even close to being the woman that I am today. It took trusting my intuition and 'only connecting the dots looking BACKWARDS' that I see it was the little things that made me.

  • It was learning to slow down.

  • Investing in my Personal Development.

  • Ridding myself of negative influences and relationships.

  • Surrounding myself with the brightest and most optimistic people.

  • It was finding my Tribe within Network Marketing.

  • It was loving myself---for the first time in my life.

These lessons have made all the difference for me in this life. I went from feeling unworthy of something as simple as a committed, loving relationship---that skyrocketed me to believing I was capable of absolutely anything---INCLUDING creating something EPIC for the world.

If you're still reading this----I'm hoping it's because I've resonated with some part of you. Your soul, your Intuition, your Ego. Whichever part, I ask you to stop and listen. Do you feel that tapping on your shoulder? That, "There is something you are here to do" nagging feeling? Believe me when I say, that feeling will not go away. No matter how hard you try to numb it. Despite what you may believe right now, You are here FOR A REASON. The world needs YOU right now more than ever. Your voice, your love, your body, your talents, your dreams, your visions. YOU. ALL OF YOU.

the sooner YOU start accepting that fact, the closer you get to living in Complete Alignment.

Because no one else grew up in the family that you did. Experienced the pain, struggles, and excitement that you did. No one on this planet has Loved the way you've loved. Listened. Held. Overcame. Achieved. Learned. And BECOME the person that YOU ARE TODAY and the person you have yet to be. Your SOUL chose this life, and every step in it for you to LEARN, GROW, and bring YOUR LIGHT to this planet.

Like Tony Robbins says, "I was Tony Robbins before I became Tony Robbins."

I was Callie Langenhorst, before I realized I was Callie Langenhorst. YOU ARE YOU. Even if you haven't met yourself yet.

If there is ONE thing I hope you take away from me sharing my truths with you, is that THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.






And in accepting that you WILL be provided for. The Universe loves Authenticity. And what you put out----you attract.

And you don't have to do it alone. Callaboration took me years to bring to life. When I finally shut up, listened, and held space for my creative feminine side, Callaboration found her way. I firmly believe that Life Coaching/Creative Small Business coaching is calling in this life time. I am so deeply passionate about motivating, inspiring, and guiding others to create and BE that it just lights me up. Am I where I want to be as I write this? No. But I'm exactly where I need to be and that is all I will ever need.

Like, Comment, Share this for anyone you know who needs it.

Callie XOXO

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