Hi I'm Callie.

Callaboration is a play on words, and while I don't have the answer to most things...I'm hoping to contribute what I can to the collective to bring us all a little closer together. Because that's what it's all about right? Right.


I'm 28 and things are finally starting to make sense. In my health, the pace at which I live, the experiences I crave and the way I show up in the world.


I've been fortunate to have many unique experiences and opportunities in my life. Some I was given, others I was lead to--being in the right place and right time---and most I earned with hard work, consistency and authenticity as my guiding forces.

Sure I've taken a few wrong turns, gotten hung up on my own doubt and insecurity but every time I decided to get over myself, and bring myself back into alignment. 


I've lived the highs. Rode out the lows. Loved. Lost. Spent all my money. Made it all back. Lost touch with friends. Picked up where we left off. Had no idea what I was doing. Figured it out anyway. Held grudges. Forgave. Lost weight. Gained it back. Stumbled into the dream job. Got burned out. Stood up for myself. Spoke my mind. Proved them wrong. Accomplished my goals. Started a business. Helped a small team in 1 year make $1,000,000+ in revenue of FEEL GOOD money. And I NEVER stopped moving--no matter how much I wanted to.  

Ultimately, I've learned that we are here to share our experience of life and meet each and every person exactly where they are at. We're all here to accomplish what it is we needed to do-- and offer GENUINE love, support, and KINDNESS to everyone along the way---the entire way.

We are HERE to re-write our collective story, and change it to one of. . .

Physical Freedom


Care for our Planet

Financial Freedom

Preventative Health

& the desire for MORE out of life

It is our job to show people how good life can feel. How free we can be. How privileged we are to be alive at this time. 

God / Universe/ The Divine designed us to feel and love and fully EXPERIENCE our lives and bodies. He would never put us through things we can't get through--- and in April 2020.... this never rang more true. 

It's that simple. And we have the free will to choose these things Every. Single. Day. 

So no matter your story, where you came from, what you've experienced... you TOO can make all the difference. 

And our goal is to come TOGETHER to pave the way for our future generations.

This is callaboration ❤️✌️🌎