Hi I'm Callie.

I'm your not-so-average girl from Wisconsin. I've always worked harder, thought bigger, and consistently worked to become the best version of me. 

I've for sure had my ups and downs, pauses, failures, and successes. I've lost myself a few times over and carried the tendency of taking on other's emotions and identities (still working on that).

Somehow, I always end up right where I need to be, and I've grown into the woman I know the world needs. I've chosen this life, and everyday I am grateful for my power in that. 

I'm continuously learning and you can often find me jamming out to an Audible or super bad-ass podcast. #garyvee

The Run Down

To be clear, I am extremely passionate about the planet. I put Mother Earth as #1. She's the boss, and the sooner you begin to recognize that, the sooner you can start living in alignment with Her.


I'm an advocate for conscious enterprise and sustainability. From the foods we eat to the products we buy off the shelves. I CARE about the impact they have on our planet, people, and environment.

# Sustainability

At the moment, I don't eat animals or their by-products, and believe the foods we eat have a direct affect on our vibration and accomplishments in this lifetime. 


I love to write, it's therapy for me. That therapy has turned into blogging, hoping my words have a positive impact on you.


I love being outside, appreciating nature. 


I have a daily yoga and meditation practice. 


I'm one of the most positive people you'll meet, and have no shame in posting only the most inspiring memes/quotes I can find on the web.